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Alice in Wonderland Fantasy Gown - Custom

Gorgeous new photographs by modeled by Winter.


This set includes a new 4-hoop crinoline slip! This is our new super fancy Alice in Wonderland or Marie Antoinette style gown! We love this has so many details and is very elaborate. It is shown in a light blue brocade, we may be able to get this fabric again, or other colors of brocade.....but we can definitely offer this in *any* color you want in smooth Silk Dupioni. If you don't see a color listed, just click custom....we can get almost *any* color of silk....just inquire! We can do silk, taffeta, brocade or velvet.

This has a fitted boned bodice that hooks down the front, overskirt is long and rounded going longer in back...and it attaches to the bodice at the waistline. This goes on like a jacket. Overskirt has ribbons/loops inside so you can pull up the sides for a bustled effect.

This has a hook at the waistband of the full skirt, skirt has a train. Both the skirt and the overskirt have a ruffle, and venise lace sewn over the ruffles. Venise lace show in photos is beige......we can do the venise lace in: white, ivory, beige, and black for sure. If you would like other colors, just inquire. So, for instance you could do a dark red silk gown, with black venise lace trims and red rosebuds....there are many options available!

The front panel of the skirt, and the undersleeves are a soft beige embroidered lace fabric with pink rosebuds. This fabric also comes in white and ivory. We have added pink rosebuds to the lace on the overskirt of the gown, and the lace on the sleeves.

We offer jewelry sets, matching hats, and brand new hoop skirt crinolines. Slips are $65, hats are $45, necklace shown is $95. If you would like to add any of those to your order, just let us know!

We offer many styles of marie antoinette gowns, and we can also do matching girls and baby dresses! Professional gown photos done by modeled by Winter.

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